We offer all manner of bespoke modifications,  and customisation for your vehicle, as well as restoration and vehicle upholstery,  whether it be something as simple as a hands-free phone kit to ground up restoration. 

Bespoke services are a personal way of making your car unique.

We would be happy to show you examples of the previous work our clients have requested to show you the full and far-reaching range of what we can do. Here are a few examples of work we have carried out for our clients.   Please feel free to call or email  to discuss your own personal requirment in more detail.

Current Projects

  • VW Karmann Ghia

    1956 Low light Karmann Ghia, just over 11500 where made the first full year of production, how many of those remain today?  This is a matching number car originally supplied by Charles Weiss VW,  New York.  We intend to restore this car to its original glory and care will be take to make sure it is finished to highest standard and accuracy.  As it stands at the moment the chassis has been blasted and is awaiting buildup, the engine is being rebuild using most of the original parts and we have chosen to increase the power by adding a period Judson Supercharger. The interior has been reuphostered using the original materials. I have added some addition pictures and will continue to update this feed as we move along with the car.

  • VW Karmann Ghia Type 34

    1968 VW Karmann Ghia Type 34, better know as the Razor Edge.  In VW terms this was a very low production model aimed at the higher end of the market costing almost twice that of a standard Beetle at the time.  Just 42500 were produced, of which just 2533 were built in '68.  Sourced from one of our great contacts in Belgium this example has been dry stored since the early 80's when the owner had a minor collision resulting in damage to the near side from corner.  The interior of the car is in remarkable condition and almost perfect, including the original wooden facia with the stereo slot still intact. The car is now back up and running, and ready to have the the accident damage recitified.   


  • Porsche 914 (69)

     Porsche 914 1.7, early production car... Chassis 1205 was built in December '69, just three months after lauch.  Complete, running, but in need of paint and some TLC... Matching numbers with fuel injection.  Originally supplied in Canary Yellow with the Appearance back.  

  • Jensen Interceptor III

    1974 Jensen Interceptor III, LHD imported from California, a very good example that we have begun bringing back to life.  The electrics have been corrected, the interior has been sympathetically crefurbinshed with fresh veneer and a deep clean of the leather. mechanically the car runs very well.  What next? perhaps a coat of paint and maybe fuel injection to improve engine performance and reliability?

  • VW Camper

    This a fantastic project that we are hugely excited about  and one that will result in a very special Camper.  The brief was to find a suitable VW Bay window  that can be used for family outing, weekends away, and perhaps the occassional fishing trip, it must be reliable, low maintenance, and it must be automatic!  Not an easy task when it come a VW camper!!   We found a 1974 Auto, recently imported from South Africa; a good solid bus to start with.  We've started with the mechanical side and have opted to fit a more reliable and modern Subaru engine, with a lot patience and some clever thinking this was completed, tested and we foudn the gearbox to be at fault, so out that came and off to the gearbox specialist for an overhaul it went.  In the meantime the Camper has been stripped to bare metal; as we suspected the Camper is solid and rot free, however it is 30 odd years old and being out in South Africa it has seen some action, which has become more evident now the piant has gone. In order to get the Camper as straight as possible for the Black paintwork we decided to replace some of the panel rather than try and straighten the existing once, this has been extremely labour intensive and has taken an additional six weeks than it would have taken to pre a Van to painted in say Green or Yellow!  That said the extra effort and attention to detail has certainly been worth it!!  Now it is in paint we can really see it coming together, and with the Tan leather interior it is going to look amazing!   More to come!!!  Engine and gearbox are going back shortly and the interior is being trimed as I type!

  • Porsche 914-6 (73)

    I took this on as I have always had a soft for the 914; it had little success in the UK due it's LHD format, but in Europe and the US the car has massive appeal and was very popular, despite its price (many due to the high production costs demanded by the then CEO  of VW).  I fitted removed the stock 1.7 and installed a 2.7 flat six taken from a 75 Carrera. I opted for carbs over fuel injection at the time... It ran beautifully and was a lot of fun to drive, a great cruiser witha great engine note!! There are more images and details of this car in the gallery section.

  • Volkswagen Golf GTI Campaign

    We bought this Mk1 Golf GTi Campaign as a project car to modify as the body was in great shape and for the most part the car was original and complete. The car had already had 16v conversion at some point in its history and was purchased as a none runner, after further investigation we discovered the engine was beyond economical repair and we have decided to opt for a 20v Turbo motor with upgraded suspension, larger wheels, Porsche front caliper and a disco conversion for the rear...

  • Porsche 914 (72)

    This was my first 914 back around 97.  I didn't know much at the time, but learn't quickly and I new how I wanted the car to look.   I bought the car from a friend of a friend.  I converted it from four to five stud using 911SC front suspension and 914-6 rear hubs.  The floors were pretty good as I recall, but the boot floor was gone; we replaced that, rubbed the car down to metal, removed the front side repeaters to clean the lines and give it the euro look and painted it in the original Silver metallic. 

  • BMW M635i

    BMW M635CSI RHD, Atlantis Blue with Lotus White highline leather interior. Done a few miles, but with low ownership and a goos solid history this was a nice project to take on as a none runne that had been stood for many years.  After a thourgh service and reconditioning the brakes she ran well.  A light polish and refurbished Alpina wheels gave the car a new lease of life; sold a client in Cyprus.


  • MINI Cooper S (R53) Interior

    This is an ongoing project for us and we will update the details and images as things progress. We sourced a beautiful 2005 MINI Cooper S in what we believe to be the best colour combination and are planing to retrim the Door Cards, Dash Top and Seats in a mixture of Nappa Leather and Alcantara, change the seats, refinish the interior trim panels in the deepest possible metallic Black so that the fleck is just picked out by the sunlight.  We have already sourced a Recaro interior (yet to be re-trimed), which gives much needed extra comfort to driver and passenger!  Externally we plan to keep the changes sublte and fairly understated; we have already fitted a set of John Cooper Works wheels that we refinished in Shadow Chrome. A Borla Exhaust System with finish off the rear and hopefully give the car a deeper sound and to give a little extra performance we plan to ungrade the brakes, reduce the pulley size, upgrade the ingnition system, exhaust manifold and Air Intake.

  • MINI Cooper S (R56) Exhaust and Remap

    In 2006 the MINI was revamped and the 1.6 Supercharged engine used in the Cooper S was replaced with 1.6 Turbo.  The cooper S is good car to drive, but for those of us old enough to remember the good old day when hot hatches where just that  they lacking the buzz, that edgy feeling you get when driving a Mk1 GTi or a 205. This one was purchased last year and we couldn't resist a few subtle upgrades to give it the edge.  Arguable the finest exhaust manufacturer at the moment, Akrapovic, supplied us with a cat back system with Carbon Fibre tailpipes which has improved the flow of exhaust gases and has given the car a deeper rumble and a sweet note on over run. In addition the car has been remapped to give an extra 50hp (approx).  The combination of the two have really brought this car to life, one that you can't help but just smile when you press the throttle.

  • Range Rover Veneer and Brakes

    This is a car we purchased direct from our friends at Overfinch. Whilst our client was happy with the car intially he soon felt it was lacking in certain areas and after much discusion it was agreed the Grand Black Lacquer and standard Brunel trim needed to be replaced,. After much searching we settled on a Black Stained Ash Burr similar to that found in a Rolls Royce; the interior trim was removed, stripped and veneered in Ash Burr, then finished with a Dark Stain Lacquer. As you can see form the pictures the end result is simply stunning.  With the interior finished our attention turned to the brakes; uprated discs, pads and calipers where sourced from Brembo giving extra stopping power and a much improved brake pedal feel.

  • Overfinch Range Rover

    We recently supplied and fitted an Overfinch Sytling pack amd 22" olympus Wheels to a 2010 Range Rover Autobiography. As you can see from the pictures the kit has transformed the look of the car.